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Talos Energy Enters Into Production Sharing Contracts for Blocks 2 and 7 For Call One of Mexico's Oil and Gas Auction 

Houston, September 25, 2015 – On September 4, 2015, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Talos Energy LLC (the "Company”), together with its consortium partners Sierra Oil & Gas S. de R.L de C.V. ("Sierra”) and Premier Oil Plc ("Premier”), executed two production sharing contracts ("PSCs”) with Mexico’s upstream regulator, the National Hydrocarbons Commission ("CNH”), for Blocks 2 and 7.  The Company, Sierra and Premier joined together as a consortium in order to jointly enter into the PSCs. The PSCs were awarded to the consortium during the first tender of Mexico’s oil and natural gas fields in almost 80 years.  The Company is the operator and has a 45% participation interest in both blocks.

Blocks 2 and 7 of the first tender are located in the shallow waters off the coasts of Mexico’s Veracruz and Tabasco states, respectively.  Round One, Call One, the first tender conducted by the CNH pursuant to Mexico’s reform of their oil & gas sector, was held on July 15, 2015 and included the tender of fourteen shallow water exploration blocks.  The two blocks awarded to the consortium are located in the Sureste Basin, a prolific proven hydrocarbon province.  The two blocks contain approximately 162,800 acres with numerous high impact prospects in well-established and emerging plays.  Each of the blocks was attractive to other companies in the industry as reflected by the fact that each block received multiple competitive bids from significant players with proven track records around the world.

The PSCs for blocks 2 and 7 require that the consortium execute a minimum work program expressed in work units during a four year exploration period.  The work units represent the performance of exploration studies and seismic and drilling activities, including the drilling of one exploration well on block 2 and two exploration wells on block 7.  The aggregate value of the minimum work program under the PSCs is approximately $143 million (gross), for which Talos is responsible for its 45% participation interest in each block, and for which the consortium members are jointly and severally liable.  The Consortium was required to post a financial guarantee to the CNH of approximately $143 million (gross) to guarantee the execution of such minimum work program, and Talos satisfied its share of such financial guarantee through a performance bond that does not reduce its borrowing capacity under its revolving credit facility.  As the Consortium completes the minimum work program under the PSCs, the amount of the financial guarantee will be reduced accordingly beginning after the second anniversary of entering into the PSC’s.  As a result of the current lower cost of goods environment, we anticipate that the expenditures required to execute the minimum work program over the four year exploration period will be less than the $143 million (gross) financial guarantee of the consortium.  The Company also anticipates expenditures with respect to the minimum work program in fiscal year 2016 to be between $10 million and $15 million (net), which will be directed toward advanced reprocessing of the current seismic data and logistical work in preparation for the drilling of the initial test well on each block as soon as practical. The term of the PSCs is 30 years, subject to certain extensions.

The Company has a 45% participation interest in blocks 2 and 7, with Sierra and Premier holding the remainder and sharing in the exploration, development and production costs.  Premier has an option to increase or decrease its participation interest until the proposal of the first exploration well, which could potentially adjust the Company’s participation interest for both blocks to between 37.5% and 50%.  The PSCs include a cost recovery feature in which eligible costs in relation to the exploration, extraction and abandonment activities are recoverable in-kind at a rate of 125% from future production volumes.  Production volumes are allocated in-kind between the Consortium and the United Mexican States on a monthly basis based on the contractual value of the hydrocarbons as defined in the PSCs.  Up to 60% of the monthly contractual value of the hydrocarbons will be allocated to the Consortium to recover eligible costs incurred in relation to the petroleum activities.  Eligible costs exceeding 60% of the current month contractual value of the hydrocarbons will be recoverable in future periods.  Between 7.5% and 14% of the contractual value of the oil will be allocated to the United Mexican States in the form of a royalty, depending upon the price of a barrel of oil, with a collar between $48.00 and $100.00 per Bbl.  The allocation for the royalty on natural gas is 0% when the price per MMBtu is below than $5.00 and, if the natural gas price exceeds $5.00 per MMBtu, the royalty allocation percentage is calculated as the price per MMBtu divided by 100.  The remaining value of the hydrocarbons after the allocation for cost recovery and royalties is considered operating profit under the PSCs.  The allocation of operating profit to the consortium after the allocation for cost recovery and royalties on blocks 2 and 7 is 44% and 31%, respectively.    

Tim Duncan, the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said, "We are very excited to announce the execution of the production sharing contracts for blocks 2 and 7 offshore Mexico. We look forward to bringing our track record of entrepreneurial spirit and offshore technical expertise to the development of oil and natural gas resources in offshore Mexico in a safe and efficient manner.  We believe that expanding into the Mexican Gulf of Mexico is a logical extension of our expertise in the US Gulf of Mexico, and that it offers us a meaningful opportunity to add value to our base business when we begin drilling on these world class exploration opportunities.  Even in a challenging commodity environment we believe the scale of the opportunity provided by the Mexican energy reforms remains just too compelling to pass up.”



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